ecortina transforms a traditional piece of decoration, the curtain,
in a system of hanging pockets that allows you to grow flowers and plants in an easy,
visual and elegant way. Cortina means curtain in spanish and eco stands for both ecology and economy.

Technical specifications


Suitable for every window



Origami pattern


Suitable for growing plants



Moisture resistant


Modern design



Moisture Resistant


Original shape

Suitable for growing plants

Vertical water system by opening holes in the bottom of pockets


Size can be adjusted by cutting a column of pockets


ecortina is made of 5 vertical modules, each one with several pockets, which you can adapt to your needs
by cutting one or more from the original size or joining several ecortinas for larger windows.
It is a decorative and versatile addition to any space and can be arranged in multiple ways.


How to assembly

How to grow

The hydroponic technique allows for combination of different substrates in which plants can be grown and fibers and stone substrates can be combined.
Never use regular soil in ecortina. Its use may stain ecortina’s material.

How to water

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ecortina allows the possibility of vertical watering by opening a small hole in the bottom of the pockets.
The diagram shows the frequency and quantity of water received and contained within each row of pockets.

In general flowers require more sun and less watering. therefore we recommend you plant them in the top row pockets, where they receive less water and more light.

Vegetables require medium frequency of watering and light, therefore we recommend to plant them in the middle row pockets for them to receive adequate sunlight and water.

Herbs require more frequent watering and moistere. it is recommended they are planted in the bottom row pockets to receive the most water.

Put gravel in the pockets before planting to absorb the dirt and transfer clear water from pocket to pocket.

When is the best time to water?
Before 11am or after 4pm. let plants dry off before dark so they are less likely to get fungus or disease.

Other posibilities / ideas

ecortina is conceived to grow plants but it can also be a set of pockets suitable for many purposes and different uses. you can use your ecortina to store or display a wide array of things or even to store your bathroom articles.
ecortina is excellent to separate spaces or environments. It is a simple, natural, elegant, and a pleasing way to improve the quality of any space depending on your needs. Give it your own touch by painting or coloring it.


Xavier Vilalta

Xavier Vilalta

Xavier Vilalta is the founder and director of Vilalta Arquitectura. Despite his youth, he is already a distinguished international architect specializing in sustainability. His work combines innovative technology with local resources and culture to create contemporary designs that suit their environment.
Winner of the Young Architect of the Year at the LEAF Awards 2008, the SAIE Bologna and the Best in Sustainability Award by AI Magazine in 2016 among others.

Elina Nykanen

Elina Nykanen

Originally from Finland with international experience in hospitality and the wellbeing industry. A social entrepreneur and a yoga teacher specializing in children and pregnancy. She is a Montessori trained human therapist.

Xavier Xargay

Xavier Xargay

A social entrepreneur born in Barcelona, and a founder of Dinners That Matter Org with a new interest in innovation in the education sector, to contribute to a more sustainable and respectful environment.


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